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A little more about who I am.

I dedicate my professional time to working with my own clients. I love having the opportunity to learn about what my clients are passionate about, and to help them visualize what they’d like to portray to their audiences. From tiny start-ups to one of the biggest extreme sports company on the planet, diversity is what makes my job amazing. Not only are my clients diverse, but their projects are, as well. As an independent designer I can take on projects of all kinds, which allows me to tap into all of the experience I’ve accrued through the years. I design brochures, menus, business cards, magazines, billboards, logos — anything my clients need. 

I am self-taught artist with a love for wild places. Drawn to minimalism, and not just visually, I  find motivation in simplicity. When life is elemental, there are far more chances to appreciate. I believe there is beauty in the most simple things in life.

If you should have any questions about my work, or rates, please feel free to contact me at joelmmphotos@gmail.com.

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